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"We were the problem, now we want to be part of the solution"

Who is "Drunks Against Drunk Driving"?

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Drunks Against Drunk Driving is a community of recovering alcoholics and addicts. Our goal is to prevent drunk driving. Most of our members have driven while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some of us are convicted drunk drivers. Our message is focused on those drunk drivers that are alcoholics. Our message to alcoholics is simple and singular ...

If you don't drink,
        you can't drive drunk!

We wish to share our individual stories of recovery with all those that are interested. Many alcoholics believe they can't quit drinking, or that their lives would be unhappy without alcohol. We are here to tell alcoholics that "Life without alcohol is possible and most recovering alcoholics experience a new level of true happiness". It is a simple fact: if you don't drink, it is impossible to drive drunk. If you are interested in finding out more about Drunks Against Drunk Driving, or have any comments, please contact us.

Preventing Drunk Driving - one drunk at a time

The members of our community all abstain from alcohol and drugs, usually with the help of some type of treatment/recovery program. No one has to do this alone. Our members found a way to quit drinking. We live sober and productive lives and no longer drive drunk. You can quit drinking too. Contact us or one of the treatment referral services on our recovery page.   

A Message from One Alcoholic to Another

Get help!   Physicians advise that it is best to receive medical treatment when first abstaining from alcohol or drugs to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms. Like all chronic problems, alcoholism and addiction require professional care. Most of the individual members of Drunks Against Drunk Driving are involved in some type of on-going treatment program.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers a treatment referral service phone number: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Click here for recovery resources.   

The Drinking and Driving Formula for Alcoholics

The exact number of drunk drivers that can be classified as alcoholics is not known. One study indicates that a little over one half of drunk drivers can be classified as "binge/heavy drinkers". (article). Let's examine some simple logic in regards to alcoholics and drunk driving. To drive drunk you must do two things (1) drink and (2) drive. Thus, to prevent alcoholics from driving drunk, we have two primary options...

Option 1:  Drink but don't drive

Option 2:  Drive but don't drink

Why option #1 fails for many alcoholics...

The problem with alcoholics is that, by definition, they drink and get drunk. Because alcohol affects reasoning ability, alcoholics all too often engage in risky and illegal behavior including driving while drunk. An alcoholic may have good intentions before drinking. However, when drunk, good intentions usually fly out the window. The high rate of repeat drunk driving offenders supports this fact. Thus, for most alcoholics, the only sure way to avoid drunk driving is to abstain from alcohol completely.

Laynie Laginess Fundraiser

Laynie Laginess Fundraiser

The kindest-hearted young woman you could ever meet was T-boned on Superbowl Sunday by a drunk driver with multiple offenses and a revoked license. To help go to Laynie Laginess Fundraiser Website.

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